Romans and The Next Generation

This past week I have spent time reading the book of Romans. I loved it. It is such a great book.

Paul beautifully sets the foundation of the faith in chapters 1-8, focuses on God’s hand and work in our lives in chapters 9-11 and then makes it all practical in chapters 12-16. It is a wonderfully written sermon which really nails the gospel of God better than anyone I hear these days!

In recent days mission, outreach and evangelism has been on my heart for the first time in a long time. My ministry as a Youth Pastor needs to be focused on these things and Paul reminds me of their importance in Romans.

The gospel is needed desperately in the inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and very much needed by those in high school. A vision of the Almighty needs to be cast for young people to see that there is hope and purpose in this life. There is no point in carrying out a ministry which does not bring the hope that is in Christ to the fore. He should be put up high, worshipped, magnified and made known to those who need Him – the next generation. There is surely something more satisfying than Facebook, Flo-Rida and McFlurry’s!

Where can hope and purpose be found? Christ. Not just what He has done but also who He is.

As I evaluate how to be culturally appropriate to those under my care I continually think of how I can magnify Christ to them too.

May the Lord give grace upon grace in reaching this generation.


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