What Happens When All The Chocolates Have Been Eaten?

I’m currently trying to work out what I will preach on next Sunday. It is Easter Sunday and I suppose logical reasoning would be that the topic of the resurrection would fit well.

But, isn’t it the case that as we move through the Easter weekend we are more bent on remembrance than on what to do next?

Obviously we do need to remember and it is a great time to reflect on the death and resurrection of our Lord. It is important to see and feel the gospel afresh again. However, I think we miss something if all we do is stop there.

Easter is a great time for remembering our Lord but is also a great time to re-adjust our priorities, come closer to Him and be convicted to transform our lives into one that brings glory to God. The gospel changes and renews and what better time of the year than at Easter.

What do we do once all the chocolates have been eaten? Continue on our merry way like nothing much has occurred, or, do we get a renewed sense of God and his purposes.

A renewed sense of the Gospel.


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