Psalm 6:9

“The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord accepts my prayer.” (Psalm 6:9)

Isn’t great that we can be safe in the knowledge that the Lord hears our prayers?

This verse struck me this morning in my reading and gives me assurance of a God who listens, hears and accepts.

Prayer can be a difficult and weary task at times, our relationship with Him may be rather dry or it is difficult to speak to God when we are conscious of sin. However, the Lord is good, he hears our prayers and he hears our cries for help.

Within this Psalm David is troubled and knows he has done wrong. It looks like he is conscious of his sin and is stuck in a guilt-ridden mindset. He is crying out to the Lord, he is desperate for his help. I think it is easy to resonate with David here. How often are we in sin, how often have we done the things that we do not want to do? We have gone against God and chosen the wrong path, the wrong words and actions towards one-another. Our thoughts and actions have led us down a path that leads to regret, we are guilty and we have sinned against the Lord.

There is no worse feeling, I don’t believe, than knowing you have sinned against the Almighty. For he is an all-powerful, glorious, and magnificent God who knows all and is in all and is through all.  But here David rests in the knowledge that the Lord has heard his pleading, his cry for help and his cry for mercy. What great assurance, to know that the Lord has heard our pleas and heard our cries.

He not only hears them, but he also accepts them. He is willing to accept what we say to him, hearing our anguished cry for forgiveness and for help. And through our mediator, Jesus Christ, our cries are put into action, whereby the Lord forgives us, filthy rags, and makes us new once more.

Through the work of Christ upon that beautiful cross the Lord hears and accepts our prayers, taking us in his loving arms and helping us in our time of need.

O what assurance, O what loving grace.


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