Book Review: George Whitefield

George Whitfield_vol1Arnold Dallimore, George Whitefield: The life and times of the great evangelist of the 18th century revival (vol. 1, 590 pages, London: Banner of Truth Trust), 1970.

This great volume comprehensively describes the life of and times of George Whitefield. Starting with his early years of growing up right through to the age of 26 Dallimore describes the wanderings and impact that this young man had in the 18th century. Using previous biographies of the man and more importantly the journals of the man himself, Whitefield’s contribution to the spiritual state of both Britain and America is most brilliantly illustrated. There are stories of his time at home and at school, then a more detailed analysis of his years at university where he became a true convert of Christ and the doctrines of grace. His travels and ministry throughout Britain and America take up considerable pages, but they are very much the guts of his ministry. The book ends with Whitefield about to face many more trials as he returns to England for the second time.

His preaching ministry is seen to be a powerful manifestation of the Spirit and his courage in the face of adversity is something to behold. He began preaching while in his teens and it was so powerful that he soon began speaking to crowds upwards of 20-30,000. There is also a sense of his overwhelming love for his fellow brethren and wanting to be united with many ministers of the gospel throughout this book.

While this is only book one of a two volume set, there is much depth and content to be gleaned about the man. I have posted previously what has stuck out to me the most here.

Overall, 8/10.


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