Book Review: Power Through Prayer

powerthroughprayerE. M. Bounds, Power Through Prayer (128 pages; London, UK: Marshall, Morgan & Scott).

E. M. Bounds has been known as a prolific prayer warrior because of the various books on prayer that he has produced. While they were written many, many years ago they are still unbelievably relevant for ones soul today.

“Power Through Prayer” is a book which is particularly written for ministers, well, that’s the impression one gets from reading it. He encourages everyone, but particularly those who preach, to come back to prayer, to fight for prayer, and to do all things with and through prayer. He tells tales and stories of people of the past who have spent many a hour on their knees fighting for their congregation and people that they minister to. He has a special affection for David Brainerd, the young American preacher and Indian missionary of the 18th century.

Thought the book there are various quotes about prayer from famous churchmen of the past. They are very inspiring and a number have made themselves on to this blog in separate posts. Much of the book is quotable as he wrestles the reader to the ground, urging them to take up a prayer ministry and spend time in prayer praying for their sermon, their soul and the soul’s of others.

Even though the book is only 128 pages long it is an inspirational book and will certain slap the reader around the face a couple of times. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is wondering about prayer and the importance of it. Bounds stresses the power that comes through prayer and that through close communion with God in prayer ones soul is lifted high unto the heavens.

Overall it’d be giving it an 8.5/10. It is an excellent book.


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