Compelled By Love by Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation

compelledbyloveIn three parts Stetzer and Nation write about the love of God, the love of the church, and the love of believers.

The primary and central point of this book is love.

It challenges and opens-wide the readers imagination as to what love really means; from Christ’s perspective and our living-it-out perspective.

In each part, and in each chapter, the centrality of the cross is shown to be the essence of love. God’s love is shown through the cross, the church is identified by love, and the believer is living in love. All this through the power of the cross.

“Paul’s words tell us that, as we receive the love of Christ in outlives, we’ll willingly let it change the way we think and act. It means the love of Christ influences every decision we make and everything we do; His love becomes our way of life and not mere emotion.” 

This is a terrific read.

It is challenging and convicting, and showed me a greater way to love. It highlights how far the church today drifts from its purpose to love God and their neighbour.

Through sound exposition and poignant illustration Compelled by Love encourages one to think about the centrality of love in their life and encourages the display of that love through action.

At the end of each chapter there are a handful of discussion questions, which could be used individually, in one-on-one discipleship, or in a small group. The questions give insight and challenge of the content of the chapter. Much can be garnered from each chapter as one stops to think about what they’ve just read.

With a focus on Jesus, and a focus on being missional, this book is an excellent resource and an excellent word to the Church today.

Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation, Compelled by Love: The Most Excellent Way To Missional Living (211 pages, Birmingham, USA: New Hope Publishers), 2008.

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