Trolls & Truth by Jimmy Dorrell

trolls-and-truthJimmy Dorrell, Trolls & Truth: 14 realities about today’s church that we don’t want to see (215 pages, Birmingham, USA: New Hope Publishers), 2006.

Jimmy Dorrell has been a church pastor with a difference. He and his wife moved to Texas in the late seventies and began a church under a bridge, correct, under a bridge. He and his wife have ministered to numerous homeless and less-fortunate people over many years and so this book is mostly about his story and ministry with challenging thoughts regarding church.

Each chapter of the book begins with a real life illustration of a person or persons who has been involved in his Dorrell’s church. He then uses this story as a launching pad into talking about the way the church “does church”, particularly to those who are homeless or disabled, struggling with mental illness or certain addictions.

Dorrell gives an interesting insight into his church and ministry. It is interesting to read of the ways in which he and others within his church have reached out to those struggling with these issues. It is good to see that he goes back to the Bible in terms of making his points. However, I do find he seems to take some passages out of context or reads into them things that are not there. It is certainly a book that makes one think about how to reach people who are not normally involved in a church (particularly in the society where I live) but I think a little more balance regarding the Gospel and how that works alongside helping the needy.

Overall I thought the book was OK, I wasn’t particularly enamoured about it because it seemed to lack the theological backing and Gospel focus. But, still thought provoking.


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