Equipped for Adventure by Scott Kirby

equippedforadventureScott Kirby, Equipped for Adventure: A practical guide to short-term mission trips (186 pages, Birmingham, USA: New Hope Publishers), 2006.

Short-term mission trips are interesting things. Everyone in ministry seems to have an opinion, particularly those within the ‘mission’ community. This is yet another book promoting the use of short-term mission trips but also tells you how to run one. As its title suggests, it is full of practical ideas and helps in order to run a short-term trip successfully.

The book is OK. It has some really good tips regarding the preparation, organisation and debrief stages, but that’s about as good as Kirby gets (which is good, don’t get me wrong).

His main premise of doing short-term mission, stated in the first chapter, could use some work. While he does link it in with a casual reference to the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) he seems to focus more on it being an adventure. The impression from those opening pages wasn’t particularly high.

After only recently returning from leading a team myself I do think the practical tips given by Kirby are good. The overall sense of the book is certainly American (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) which does need to be recognised and adapted for other countries/cultures. I think you would call this an entry-level STM trip book, other resources around this, depending on where one is going, would be beneficial.


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