Jesus Manifesto by Leonard Sweet & Frank Viola

This book is an excellent book. In ten chapters Sweet and Viola give ample evidence in the promotion of Christ, his supremacy and sovereignty. Throughout each and every page there is continual recognition of Jesus and who he is. There is regular reference back to the Bible and seeing how God has been at work throughout history. The authors analyse the current church and it’s “Youniverse” centredness, speaking directly to the heart of the church and her attendees. It is a challenge to the hearts of the readers of this book as it speaks so much truth. The essence of much of the book and it’s aims can be seen in this quote on pg. 100:

“Our problem is this: we have created a narcissistic form of Christianity in which “conversion” is less turning toward Christ than a turning toward success or fame or fortunes. Narcissus never had it so good than in best-seller Christianity, which has become self-centredness wrapping up as ‘spirituality’, which has become the latest fashion accessory for the person who has everything…True “conversion” is to lay hold of Christ, or rather, as Paul corrected himself, to allow Christ to lay hold of us…You are not the point. And we are not the point. Jesus Christ always has been and always will be the point. All the arrows point to Him and not to us”

The theological and scriptural basis on many of their arguments are well-founded. There is a great chapter describing Bethany as the resting place for the Lord while on earth and the truth that comes from those passages in Luke. There is a constant looking at Christ and the Word and then reflecting on that for our day today. In many respects this book is harping on about exactly what John Piper has been harping on about for many years now, just from a different angle and a bit lighter.

The aim of the book is to capture the hearts of those within the church and present a vision of Christ that promotes Him as the “one thing” and the root of Christianity. I think it is an excellent book and well worth spending the time to read. It is an easy read with many illustrations to keep one engaged. You’ll want to re-evaluate your walk with Christ once you’ve read it.


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