Storm Warning by Billy Graham

Billy Graham, Storm Warning (revised ed., Nashville, USA: Thomas Nelson), 2010.

Billy Graham is widely known as the pre-eminient evangelist of the 20th century. Throughout his 91 years he has proclaimed the gospel of Christ on every continent and to millions and millions of people. There is probably no other person in the history of Christianity that has spoken to as many people about Christ as Billy Graham – he has had an amazing ministry. From the poor to the President’s he has preached and invited a wide variety of people to call Jesus as Lord.

It is this Billy Graham that has now revised and updated his 1993 book, “Storm Warning” for the modern day reader. Using the book of Revelation Graham takes the reader through a variety of passages linking first to the gospel and then to current day situations. As the book of Revelation moves through from John’s initial calling and vision to his letter to the seven churches through to the picture of a new heavens and new earth so too Graham uses this as the outline for his book. It is well done in this respect. There is a constant reflection on the gospel in each chapter and also some personal illustrations to explain what he is talking about. In most chapters there is a connection with issues that are affecting the world today and how particular passages of scripture either speak into this situation or how the events illuminate the scripture. Topics discussed range from natural disasters to spiritual depression to fear and anxiety to terrorism to the loss of religion. They are broad topics but also illuminated by Graham and scripture.

To be honest i was bored by the time i got to the middle of the book. I think this book is important, relevant and quite often right in it’s reading of scripture and the world. However, at times i thought texts and events were stretched to fit the argument. There is a lot of proof-texting going on which just got annoying. I think Graham has a wealth of wisdom to give us, particularly the evangelicals of this world but the more personal experience stories i heard the more “samey” the book got. In some respects i could almost pick how the next chapter would turn out.

In some ways it was a book about the end times. It tries to show that the events of today are more and more evidential of the coming return of Christ. And, while this is true it just seemed a bit of a stretch in parts. I loved the basis of the book – Revelation, the Gospel, Christ but i found it lacking in keeping my interest.


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