The Archer & The Arrow

I just finished reading “The Archer and the Arrow: Preaching the very words of God” by Phillip Jensen and Paul Grimmond. Phillip Jensen is a very well known Anglican minister in Sydney (and elsewhere) and has over 30 years experience in preaching the Bible. While i haven’t sat under his preaching (except for a youth leaders conference a couple of years back) i know a number of people who have.

This book is sort of a follow-up to The Trellis & The Vine, also produced by Matthias Media, but focuses specifically on preaching. At the start of the year, for the past two years, I have read The Trellis & The Vine as it’s a good reminder of the priorities one should have in ministry. It is certainly refreshing to read each year.

I haven’t read a preaching book for a while so The Archer & The Arrow was a good place to start, particularly coming off the back of Trellis. It was a very good book and I rated a 7/10 on my scale. The authors use the illustration of the archer (preacher) using the arrow (sermon) to pierce people’s hearts with the word of God. There are other elements to the arrow, such as the head, the length of the shaft, and also the feathers that help direct the path. It seemed to me to be a good illustration to use and they go into more detail about what these sections mean.

The book was teaching that I had heard before in a number of conferences or at college, surrounding preaching and putting a message together. I thought it was good to be reminded of these things once again and a few wise words from an experienced pastor is always a good thing. I would recommend the book to anyone who is beginning to preach or who needs to be reminded why they are doing what they are doing. The kind of preaching that is favoured, and no doubt is the only right kind of preaching in the author’s eyes, is expository sermons that go through passages and books of the Bible. So, in some sense, it was pretty much down my alley anyway.

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