Christians and Humour

Wee Sen Goh
Wee Sen Goh

There’s no denying it. I love to laugh.

The world would be a sad place if God hadn’t created us to laugh. Laughter means we’re enjoying ourselves. It means we’re enjoying the world. It means for that moment we’re having fun and are happy, no matter how short-lived that moment may be.

Thinking of the physical nature of laughter, it makes our body move, it causes us to make noise, it may even make us cry. Laughter doesn’t only show we’re having fun on the outside but it provides our bodies with activity that is beneficial to our muscles and our brain.

Laughter can help alleviate pain and sadness. Laughter can get us out of awkward conversations. Laughter can help us to not take ourselves too seriously.

This is one of the major problems with people who take things too seriously, they don’t laugh.

I know a number of fellow Christians who don’t really laugh. I’ve never seen them laugh. OK, sometimes my jokes may have been misplaced and not really funny at all but you’d think that we (Christians) would be the people of this world who would be laughing the most.

Laughing gives off a sense of confidence. There is confidence in the enjoyment of the moment and the time. As believers who are assured of life forever and worship and know God himself our enjoyment of him and everything he has provided for us should enable us to laugh. We’re creatures created to laugh.

There are of course different types of humour and some people frown upon certain types. The Australian humour of putting down others and sarcastic comments has been around for years. I can’t say I’m not immune to letting the odd sarcastic comment come out of my mouth just to get a laugh.

The other day I finished reading Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff. It’s funny. Really funny. It takes the mickey out of Christian culture and names it for what it is – weird. This book provides a perfect example of Christians not taking themselves too seriously. Well, at least those who read it and find it funny.

Sometimes there are people I just want to say “loosen up” to. They’re never laughing, always talking about serious things, not allowing themselves to enjoy the world.

God created us to laugh. He even wrote funny bits into his Word. Remember that guy who was listening to Paul preach and he fell out the window because he’d fallen asleep. That’s funny. Surely that’s funny. OK, he died, but then God performed a miracle and he was made alive again. The fact that he fell asleep while listening to what many people would say the world’s second greatest preacher (no one’s allowed to trump Jesus, of course) is funny.

Or think of Jonah, he gets swallowed by a large fish! Amazing and funny at the same time.

Ah, well, I enjoy laughing. I hope you do too.

What have you laughed at this week? What have you found funny? Are you enjoying what the Lord has made?

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