Dreams and Aspirations

Over at The Gospel Coalition blog this week there’s been a great little article from Jackie Knapp about coming to terms with life when it doesn’t seem to work out the way we thought it was promised.

Jackie speaks of the realities of living in a fallen world and dealing with unfulfilled dreams. She makes particular reference to the self-esteem and “Just Do It” worldview that permeates the 20s mindset and how suffering and disappointment isn’t just for those who are older.

I’d encourage you to have a read of it.

I’ve always found myself reading self-help and life-hack type articles on the net but often reflect that they may not actually be doing my spirit or mind any good. While they are inspirational on one hand they can become depressingly self-centred on the other. While I want to live with a positive attitude toward life and the freedom that comes with faith in Jesus I’m just not convinced that this positive psychology talk gels well with the Christian faith.

Something to continue thinking about.

2 Replies to “Dreams and Aspirations”

  1. Hi Jon,

    Interesting. I’ve learned being the best me, makes me the best me for others. I had to work diligently on my mindset, to inspire others. JC was the Man; he developed talents, but started off, as Divine, masked in a body. We, or at least virtually all of us, take a different path to channel the Divine, one full of personal development, and yep, self-centered stuff ;)…to be our best self, FOR others!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Yeah, I think there’s a balance between positivity and the reality that as fallen creatures we need to rely on His grace. Too much reliance on our own self-esteem and positive thinking takes away from that gift of grace. But an over realisation of our sinfulness will make us sad and low if we don’t cling to JC and the assurance through him.


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