Angry Drivers and Worldview

As I pulled up to a set of lights last night the green arrow turned amber and then red. I was behind a car that ended up having to stop rather than make it through. As I watched the driver through their back window I noticed how angry he got at not making it through the lights. He threw his hands around, gesticulating to the driver in front of him who never saw what was going on. This driver in front of me even punched his horn, making a whimpy sound. It was pretty funny, it made me laugh out loud.


I don’t understand people getting really angry while on the road. Most people are driving well and are conscious of doing the right thing. In fact, I don’t understand why people get really angry in general, but that doesn’t fit the story.

As I chuckled to myself I wondered what was going on in this person’s head to react in such a way. It’s interesting to think how others view the world and what people are rushing off too. This view of the world makes for interesting conversation, and as it happened to be I was on my way to teach culture and worldview to a group of young people.

Worldview is what lies at the core of a culture and the heart of people themselves. It is what underlies their beliefs, values, and behaviours.

When thinking about this guy in the car I wonder what is at the heart of his worldview as he displays angry behaviour?

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