Reflecting on Leadership Development

I was recently asked to reflect on leadership development by answering three questions. I didn’t have a long time to answer but I thought it’d be worth posting here. What would your answers have been?

Where have you drawn inspiration from in your approaches to leadership development?

My approaches to leadership development have been modelled to me from previous youth pastors and pastors that I sat under in church. Since those days it has now been thought through with talking to other mentors, books, and some of it at Bible College. There is a sense that it has been drawn from the Bible itself, with Jesus as a model of discipleship more than leadership, if that can be separated.

What is working for you or what have you observed working in churches in the area of leadership development?

I think one-on-one investment into people is the most beneficial leadership development “technique”. It seems to be about relationship and modelling good leadership practice. While group work, workshops, and different talks on leadership is helpful there is nothing like having someone walking beside you/walking with someone and helping them reflect on their leadership.

What should we be doing to best support leadership development at a movement level?

In the next few years it would be vital to give younger people leadership experiences – whether they succeed or fail doesn’t really matter. But, it is the experience in leadership which is needed to grow good leaders for the future.

What do you think?

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