I’m So Over Gen Y Articles

I’m so over generalised articles about Millennials/Gen Ys.

Every week there are new articles about how to deal with those in their late teens to early thirties.

So over it. 

Pic: poshcoworking
Pic: poshcoworking

Perhaps it’s because I sit on the border of the Gen X/Gen Y dateline, but I find many of the articles are simply older people trying to work out how to deal with younger people.

I work with young adults, and have done so for a long time. I know it’s important to know what’s important to them and how to relate to them.

But guess what? 

If you spent time with them and walk alongside them then there’s nothing more to get. Like any relationship anyone has ever had with anyone else, you get to know them. 

Anyway, a recent article I thought was actually good, and in relation to mission, was published in the Evangelical Missions Quarterly entitled, “Millennials & Mission: Demystifying and Unleashing a Generation” by Jim Raymo. I almost typed Rambo there because his name reminds me of Rambo. Maybe that’s too Gen X, but I digress.

Raymo outlines some good points on what not to do when you’ve got Millennials in your mission organisation and then gives point about how to better integrate them too. I think he has some good points and most of the article is quite positive, which I appreciated. It’s certainly worth a read if you’re in an organisation that is working with Millennials-which is, like, everyone.

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