Around The Grounds (01/08/14)

Around the Grounds is a list of articles or posts I found interesting this week. I hope you do too. 

The focus in this Around the Grounds is to do with the conflict in Gaza and the persecution of Christians in Iraq. They have been the main two things occupying my mind in the past few weeks.

Persecution of Christians in Iraq

“N” As A Social Media Movement – A post I wrote about showing some sort of solidarity with the Iraqi Christians being persecuted.

Painting On The Walls – The original post that highlighted the plight of Christians in Iraq.

Iraqi Christians Are Raped – An article highlighting the rape, murder and dispersion of Iraqi Christians because of ISIS from The Telegraph.

Lebanon Condemns World Action – The Lebanese governments response to Christian persecution in Iraq and the Gaza conflict.

Gaza Conflict

Eight-hundred Dead Palestinians –  “What’s the limit for Palestinian deaths before we have a ceasefire? Eight hundred? Or 8,000? Could we have a scorecard? The exchange rate for dead? Or would we just wait until our gorge rises at the blood and say enough – even for Israel’s war, enough is enough. It’s not as if we have not been through all this before.”

Israel Creates “No Man’s Land” – A revealing article about how the population of Gaza is slowly being squeezed into a tighter and tighter area.

The World Stands Disgraced – The shelling of a school by Israel.

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