Thanks for popping by.

I’m Jon and this is my blog.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife and two kids.

For over 15 years I’ve been working with youth and young adults in churches, schools, mission agencies, and non-profit organisations.

In January 2016 I started as the Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults at Rowville Baptist Church.

This blog is an outlet for some of my writing, primarily about life, faith, and youth ministry.

It’s great to have you here, feel free to post a comment or simply read along.

To follow the blog regularly you can enter your email into the ‘Follow Me’ box or like my Facebook page and receive notifications of new posts. If you’d like to connect then you can get in touch via Twitter.

Cheers, Jon.

4 Replies to “Me”

  1. Jon- I got a bit nervous when I looked at Google and saw the title of my EMQ article under one by you about being tired of reading Millennial assessments but then was glad to see your positive comments. Blessings, JimR


    1. Jim, great to hear from you. I enjoyed reading your article and have mentioned a few times here. Currently working through your book actually. Much to discuss!! Thanks for coming by.


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