I’m Back…And It Feels Good

This week I started in a new pastoral role in a new church.

It feels good to be here.

For the last four years I’ve been in a para-church pastoral role and I have to admit I feel ‘church rusty’ right now. The ministerial WD-40 needs to be close by over the next few weeks as I get used to being a church pastor again.


Beginning this role has been a long time coming. Never mind the 44-day holiday I had between finishing my last role and starting this one, but the first conversation I had about this position was about eight months ago. It’s been a process, a good process. I’m excited to be here.

In starting a new job, in a church or otherwise, there is always a mixture of excitement, challenge, and a sprinkle of weird. The learning curve is exponential as new processes and functions of the organisation need to be learnt. There is the attempt to get settled as quickly as possible and try and feel productive, but that’s actually not as easy as it sounds in a role all about people. And as I said to someone this week, “I’d love to be asking you questions right now, but I don’t know what I need to know so I don’t actually have any questions.” As time goes on this will become clearer, right now I’m just enjoying meeting new people and setting up my office.

So in the midst of all these things it is very exciting to be here – I’m actually back in a pastoral position! Sweet!

And there is a daunting part to it too – I’m actually back in a pastoral position! Argh! 🙂

If I was to say what is the most exciting part to it all though it would be the privilege of walking alongside people as they seek to be disciples of Christ. This isn’t an easy proposition but it is something I’ve missed for a while.

Being out of the church role for a while makes you realise how much of a privilege it is when you’re in it.

With this being the case I’m thankful for a great first week back and look forward to many great weeks ahead.

Author: Jon

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