Published: The God of The Last Dance

I had a couple of reflections about The Last Dance, the greatest sports documentary ever. I managed to form these thoughts into coherent words in an article for TGCA.

You can read the article here.

“In reflecting upon this series, I’ve been struck by how relatable it has been to faith. While there is no mention of God himself, there is allusion to the worship and wonder of God through what occurs on the wooden court. It would be a stretch to suggest there is a theology of ‘The Last Dance’, but it definitely contains traces of the God who creates things of glory and wonder—things like Jordan himself in the 1980s and 1990s.”

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Published: Choosing Love by Heidi Johnston

After a long absence I had a book review published at TGCA recently. I wasn’t really the intended audience of Choosing Love by Heidi Johnston, however it was still worth the read. It would be particularly helpful for parents to talk through with their daughters, or a youth ministry leader with their youth group or small group.

You can find the review here.

“From the outset, Johnston puts these themes of love, relationships, marriage and sex into perspective by reminding us that we are all created in God’s image: made for relationship, and therefore are to express our love and desire for one-another in the way God intends. The foundation of the imago dei, and the defining of love as that which comes from God, and shown through his Son Jesus, is an important truth to be understood for teenagers and adults alike.”

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Podcast: #13 of The Sean & Jon Show

In this ep the boys chat Jon’s bee sting, inappropriate laughing, and church policy drafting.

Topics discussed:
– Studying Greek
– Jon’s bee sting
– One-upping each other
– Sean’s inappropriate laughing
– Thinking through church gatherings going forward
– Theology: The study of God

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Podcast: #12 of The Sean & Jon Show

This week we touch on topics that are too spicy for me, racial inequality, and home grown poetry.

Topics discussed:
– Visiting friends
– Eating some chilli
– Getting paid for something
– Going out on a date to a restaurant
– Some thoughts on racial inequality and God’s heart for humanity
– ‘Jesus Wins’ – Spoken Word by Sean

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Podcast: #9 of The Sean & Jon Show

This week we chat Mother’s Day dismay, restrictions going away, and being a pastor I’m the COVID-19 age.

Topics discussed:
– Mother’s Day stories
– Zoom Gloom
– Easing restrictions
– What we’ll miss from lockdown
– Being a Youth Pastor in this season
– Relationships and Church

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