The Syrian Crisis

Damascus is my favourite city in the world.

by Rosemary Sheel
by Rosemary Sheel

Over the last ten years I would’ve visited this wonderful city nearly a dozen times. It’s history and culture captivated me since the day I first arrived. To walk the souk filled with shopkeepers attempting to sell their wares and see so many people in one place enjoying themselves is a vivid picture in my mind. So too is walking the street called Straight, where St Paul once walked. To visit Ananias’ house with the small staircase into the small two-roomed house now decked out out as a church.  These memories and many more are what I think of when I think of Damascus.


Now, this image has been changed and I can’t imagine how the people of Syria cope with the destruction of their country.

The Syrian Crisis has wrecked havoc for Syrians and the wider Middle East as people seek to cope with current situation.

Last night on ABC’s Foreign Correspondent there was an episode about the refugee camps in Jordan. It tells the story of Syrians who are now “making a life for themselves” inside these camps. The episode gives an amazing picture of life within the camps and what these people need to deal with on a daily basis.

I’d encourage you to watch it and become aware of what’s going on.

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