When You’ve Been Writing For 8 Years And Your Blog Still Sucks

I’ve been writing on this blog, on and off, for about eight years.

And yep, my blog still sucks.

There are probably a number of reasons the blog sucks. The writing. The topics. The lack of consistency in publishing posts. The poor promotion, even though it is the age of social media.

I don’t like to think about these reasons. It’ll send me into a spiral.

But, yeah, the blog sucks.

When You've Been Writing For 8 Years And Your Blog Still Sucks

Any person with basic mathematical skills will work this out when they read my stats. A blog’s stats are like Microsoft Excel to an accountant, they measure and tell the story of the site. They help the owner of a blog calculate how well they’re doing.

Well, my stats tell me that my blog sucks.

I’m not even sure if I should tell you my stats. I don’t see this as a done thing in the blogosphere. Everyone is so secret about it.

Here goes.

  • So far this year I’ve had 2000 post or page views. The most views in a year was 2016, at just over 2500.
  • The most views are directly to my homepage. In terms of the most viewed post, the winner is an obscure post about Christian persecution in the Middle East from 2014.
  • I have 97 people who follow this blog through WordPress or via email.

So as I was saying, my blog sucks.

There are days I want to blow it up. To detonate it and send it into internet oblivion. To see it gone from the history of the web forever. I then wonder whether anyone else would like to see this happen too.

But then there are days where I just want to keep plugging away. To keep trying to publish regularly. To write things and let the world have them. To create and put out into the world thoughts, reflections, and understandings that might have an impact on someone.

And so I don’t and won’t blow it up right now. I won’t hit the switch. I won’t delete my words from the interwebs.

I’ll keep going.

I’ll keep posting.

I’ll keep writing.

Because at the end of the day I have seen improvement. I enjoy the writing process and putting things out there for others to consider. I am pleased with some of what I have written. It’s not about the stats but my own growth in my writing.

But, yeah, my blog still sucks.

This post is a free writing exercise in response to The Daily Post topic ‘Detonate‘.

Author: Jon

This is me.

11 thoughts on “When You’ve Been Writing For 8 Years And Your Blog Still Sucks”

  1. Therell be an irony here in that this one might get a whole lot of views… what to do then? 2500 views a year is pretty good for theological/youthwork content. Its a fairly small market out there, i think…

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  2. Do you follow other blogs? Comment on other blogs? Link back to other blog posts? These are all ways I grew my blog following… some days really are hit or miss depending on what I blog about but I average 20 or so likes/comments a post…
    Keep going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey. Thanks. Yeah I do or have done these things…I think it’s a bit of a niche blog mixed with consistency 🙂 Thanks for popping by. 🙂

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  3. Post more! Don’t let people forget you exist. I’ve been posting every day this year, and have noticed a dramatic increase in attention from when i’d post once or twice a month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good work mate! Keep it up. Thanks for your comments. And yes, this year, I’ve been posting more regularly than ever before and I have seen the increase. Hence I’m about to hit last years overall views in 6 months. 🙂 Thanks again.


  4. The more you give the more you get and stars are everything. I used to look at my stats all the time and I think that’s the norm when starting out. It’s also the norm for those who are stuck on stats. Don’t worry about it. Write for you. Engage with others within your community of support often. It will get better and your blog doesn’t suck. 😀


      1. Hey. Thanks. Haha…yeah, I had to read this comment in order to make sense of the last one. Haha. Yeah, stats aren’t everything…in fact, they aren’t worth much at all if you’re happy with what you’re writing. 🙂

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